GlasCraft Probler P2
GlasCraft Probler P2
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The Probler P2 from GlasCraft is the ultimate contractor gun!
The NEW and Patented Probler P2 Plural-Component Spray Gun for Foam and Coating applications offers technology that is only available from GlasCraft.

* No tools, no maintenance, no hassles
* Hand-tight connections for easy servicing
* Lightest gun in the industry
* Sprays longer with less clogging
* Available in air or mechanical purge

The GlasCraft Probler P2 has revolutionized the world of Spray Polyurethane Foam with its technical advances and breakthroughs

* Low Maintenance: End of day shut-down takes just a few minutes and does not require that you split the gun.
* Endurance Mixing Chamber: Two piece design = more precise performance. Heavy-duty design means this component lasts longer and is inexpensive to replace, thus providing the best value over the lifetime vs. any other available design!
* Piston Isolation: Eliminates cross-overs or material in air piston.
* Multiple Nozzles in One Gun: Round Spray, Flat Spray, Pour/Cast, and Inject/Jet-Stream - and our new studwall tips are specifically engineered for the needs of the foam insulation markets!
* Grease Fitting: Fast and easy maintenance!
* Simplified Design: Fewer parts, easier to service = more uptime!
* Filtered Both Sides: Resin is now filtered as well as Iso!
* Ergonomic Design: A great shape to hold and use = no fatigue!

Maximum Output: 60 lb/min (27 kg/min)
Minimum Output: 3 lb/min (1.4 kg/min)
Max Fluid Working Pressure: 3500 psi
Purge Method: Air purge

GCP2R1 - Probler P2 with a round 02 Mixing Chamber.

Call for deep discounted pricing: 877.769.8080

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