Foam Cutting Tools
Foam Cutting Tools

Foam Cutting Tools

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Metal Curry Comb (SKU: BD-114)
(1) Blade for Opensaw 500 (SKU: DC-OS-5003B-1)
Polyurethane saw designed for soft 1/2 lb foam w/1 blade (SKU: DC-Opensaw 500)
16" Foam Planer for 2 lb. Closed Cell Foam (SKU: SFN-PUP16)The Spray Foam Insulation Poly Plane is an air tool specifically designed to plain or shave rigid foams. This option comes equipped with a special purpose blade to handle 2# and above closed cell foam products. • Virtually Unbreakable Steel Blade • Available in 16” and 24” Models • Requires 23 CFM @ 87-90 PSI • 16” Model Weighs Just 12.5 Pounds • Designed to Cut Hard 2 Pound Foam • Rugged Air Motor and Dual Safety Switches • Solid, Tool Hardened Steel Blade Provides Excellent Wear Characteristics • Beveled Blade Edge to Provide Positive Cutting While reducing Blade Drag • Totally Aluminum Construction • Guard Helps Keep Foam Chips Away From Operator • Powerful and Rugged .85 HP Air Motor uses Maximum 33.0 CFM @ 90 PSI • 2 Safety Blocks to Prevent Accidental Start-Up • Unless Both Start Buttons Are Depressed Simultaneously, the Poly-Plane™ Will Not Start Safety: Although every effort has been made to make the spray foam planer as safe as possible, it is th
Milwaukee Long Stroke Saw for Open and Closed Cell Foam (SKU: SSS-6519)
Closed Cell Blade to fit Milwaukee 6519 (SKU: SSS-CC1)
Open Cell Blade to fit Milwaukee 6519 (SKU: SSS-OC1)